Governing Council

The Governing Council plays an active role in developing policies, liaising with committees and representing the views of the school community.

The Governing Council is made up of parent/carer representatives, the Principal and a staff representative. The varying knowledge, skills and background of members contributes to the decision making processes of the school. The Council’s main aim is to ensure the best possible education and facilities are available for our students.

Governing Council Role

  1. To oversee the general wellbeing and operation of the whole school, including
  2. To advise the Principal as necessary, on the correlation between the work of the
  3. To oversee the facilities, grounds and equipment at the school and to be directly
  4. To oversee the financial management of the school.
  5. To be involved in preparing the Site Improvement Plan
  6. To represent all members of the school community in making decisions about

Terms of office are two years so that approximately half of the Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in March). Council meetings are open to the whole school community.